Banzai Financial Literacy Program

Banzai Financial Literacy Program : Where real-world financial situations come to life.

Banzai is a FREE educational tool that helps teach the value of a dollar. Each participant needs a computer with internet access to work through the program. There is an online pre-test and post-test to gauge progress through the course. There is also a downloadable workbook available once you establish your Banzai student login. The website is used to work through the different life scenarios in the student workbook. They include financial matters such as budgets, insurance, debt, rent, and wise spending habits – many of the monetary challenges encountered in the real world.

Once the student completes all parts of the Banzai program – the pre-test, life scenarios, and post-test – a certificate of completion with a $50.00 checking account offer will be mailed to the student. We believe in the financial well-being of our members and that means helping your teen get on the right path!

The credit union philosophy is “people helping people” so we’re excited to help students learn how to be better savers and more savvy spenders. That’s what credit unions are all about!

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