Financial Planning

Financial tips for freelancers: Set yourself up for success

Transitioning from a corporate job to self-employment can feel overwhelming but exhilarating. You might be giving up steady paychecks (and all those break room snacks), but you’re gaining the thrill of being your own boss.

Get started right by creating a financial tracking system that will help you keep a budget in line, pay your taxes correctly, and manage expenses. Here are five financial tips for kicking off your freelance career.

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Author SAC FCU Managing Editor


Are your personal insurance plans up to par?

The only thing worse than not having insurance coverage when you need it is thinking you’re covered when you’re really not. Now is a great time to evaluate your personal insurance plans and start the new year off on the right foot. When you know you’re covered appropriately, you can rest assured you and your family’s future financial well-being is protected. While you likely understand the importance of common categories like health insurance, homeowners insurance, and vehicle insurance, there are some types of coverage you might have overlooked. Here’s what you need to know about these lesser-known categories: Read more…

Author SAC FCU Managing Editor