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Don’t Tax My Credit Union: An update from SAC Federal Credit Union

Last year, we noted in a blog post that the banking lobby was asking Congress to repeal the federal corporate income tax exemption for credit unions. Although that effort hasn’t resulted in a repeal, Congress is still considering the option as part of comprehensive tax reform, and it’s a decision that could have a major impact on SAC Federal Credit Union and its members. Read more…

Author SAC FCU Managing Editor


10 tips for living on a budget in college

The toughest math test for many college students is making their money last through each month. That’s why living on a budget is so important. With plenty of bills and limited time for work, cash is tight for almost every student. Thankfully, with these ten budgeting tips, you can make your money go further and build financial habits that pay off for a lifetime.

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Author SAC FCU Managing Editor