Financial Literacy

Getting your finances in order – Clear out the clutter

Nearly everyone has that drawer or cupboard: the one where all the receipts and financial documents get collected, until the pile seems like an insurmountable mountain. Although organizing all those papers may feel daunting, it’s a great step to take toward getting your finances in order and becoming a stellar money manager. If you’re looking to de-clutter, here are a few tips to get you started.

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Financial Literacy, Kids and Money

How to set smart money goals for kids

It’s never too early to teach your kids the value of a dollar. As a parent, you have a lot to share with your children about earning, saving, spending, and managing money responsibly. And because personal finance courses aren’t typically offered in grade schools and even high schools – currently only four states require a one-semester course in personal finance for high school graduation – you play an especially critical role in their financial education.

So where do you begin?

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Credit and Loans, Resources

An Essential Guide to Credit Fundamentals

Credit affects many parts of your overall financial health, from your budget to the types of loans you’re able to get. And good credit doesn’t just appear overnight – it takes careful management and strategic planning to build or rebuild your credit. So where do you start?

In our ebook, The Building Blocks of Credit, we’ll show you the importance of establishing a good credit rating, offer tips on how to keep your credit on track and rebuild poor credit, and dispel common credit myths so you can build or maintain a healthy credit profile.

Download The Building Blocks of Credit today and keep your credit healthy now and in the future!

The building blocks of credit e-book

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