Debt Management

How to form a plan and pay off debt

Everyone’s eager to eliminate the nagging pressure of debt and its interest payments. But that’s a tough problem to escape. The average credit card balance among indebted Americans (about $15,000) has remained steady for years.

The debt challenge can be so daunting – especially if you face large or multiple debts – that some people think it’s unbeatable. The good news is if you take time to assess your debts and plan a strategy, you can set yourself on a realistic path to financial freedom. Read more…

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Financial Literacy

Teaching kids about money with Banzai

Teaching kids about money isn’t always as straightforward as teaching adults. Even for students who are old enough to start thinking about their future, financial planning can seem like a topic too dry and far off to take on. If you’re a teacher looking to introduce personal finance in the classroom, take a look at Banzai. Read more…

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Budgeting and Saving

10 Tips for Living on a Budget in College

The toughest math test for many college students is making their money last through each month. That’s why living on a budget is so important. With plenty of bills and limited time for work, cash is tight for almost every student. Thankfully, with these ten budgeting tips, you can make your money go further and build financial habits that pay off for a lifetime.

Read more…

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