Letter from the President & Board Chairman

Gail DeBoer - President & CEO

Gail DeBoer
President & CEO

Jim Rockwood - Board Chairman

Jim Rockwood
Board Chairman

As we reflect on 2016, it is clear our focus on Better Banking was a success. We know when we strive to help individuals, families, businesses and organizations to make sound financial decisions that will give them the best chance to succeed, we all succeed. SAC Federal Credit Union has been driven by this premise for 70 years, and we will continue with this unwavering commitment.

SAC’s financial strength in 2015 was due to a balanced growth approach. Our assets grew by 10.10% and are now over $852 million. The value we deliver to our members with competitive rates across all of our loan products resulted in very strong loan growth, increasing by 9.77% for a total loan portfolio of $736.5 million. We also enjoyed healthy growth in our credit union membership with an increase of 5.53% for a total of 95,610 members as of June 30, 2016.

We recognize the choices we offer our members, and the way they do business with us, truly matters. Our members expect and deserve convenient, reliable, and secure channels to facilitate their financial activities. This year SAC made significant investments in technology to ensure delivery of those expectations. All of our ATMs now accept the EMV chip card technology. We are also issuing the SAC Federal Credit Union debit and credit cards with the EMV chips. The chip enhances our member’s level of personal financial security by providing added protection against fraud. Additionally, the credit union implemented a new debit card fraud prevention program which has had a positive impact on our members and the credit union by saving thousands of dollars in prevented fraud.

SAC also recognizes the choices each of us makes with our money can affect us profoundly: where we live, where we work, how we get there, and what’s on the horizon; not only for ourselves but for those who follow in our footsteps. This past year we offered a variety of financial education resources to help our members and the community make informed decisions. This included on-line tools as well as seminars delivered by Wealth Management and our Mortgage Lending experts.

As we look toward to the upcoming year, know that on behalf of our Board of Directors, the Management Team and our extraordinary Staff, we are honored to have the privilege of serving you and helping to make a difference in our members’ lives in so many ways.


Gail L. DeBoer
President & CEO

James E. Rockwood
Board Chairman