SAC Wants Your Input!

Our member satisfaction survey aims to gather your insights and opinions on how we can make your banking better. Your feedback will help us improve the products and services we offer and how we deliver them to you. Every member’s opinion will be shared at the highest level of SAC’s management team and all members’ suggestions will be considered and discussed.

Here’s where you come in
Each day, members who have completed a transaction with SAC will be randomly selected to receive an email invitation asking them basic questions about their transaction experience. If you are dissatisfied with a product or service, if you want enhanced offerings with a product line, or if we’re doing something well, please tell us. We want to know how we can improve your experience - the best part is that the survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete!

Your feedback matters to us
If you haven’t provided SAC with an email address but would like to be randomly selected to receive an invitation to complete a survey, simply call 402-292-8000 | 800-228-0392 or visit a branch to add an email address to your account. Remember, SAC will not ask any personal or account information through this survey.

Feedback in Action

SAC highly values the feedback from our members. Every survey response gives SAC a greater awareness of members' perceptions and opinions. The continuous stream of input and ideas lays the groundwork for ways to improve processes and enhance the member experience. Thanks to the members who shared their insights by completing a survey. Here's what we've been working on to make banking better at SAC:

Improvements in SAC's Contact Center - Several steps have been taken to help improve the wait times when you contact us by phone:

  • Open positions in our Contact Center have now all been filled with trained representatives.
  • The system that handles all incoming phone calls was not working as efficiently as it could which has since been resolved.
  • There was a reallocation of job tasks within our Contact Center to help representatives focus on providing members with quality phone service.
  • Lastly, wait times and other phone service metrics are being monitored continually to ensure a high service level to members. It is our goal to exceed industry standards with our phone service metrics.

ATM fees at Walgreens - After receiving your input that the ATMs at some Walgreens locations were charging a fee when using a SAC debit or ATM card, we were able to work with our vendor and fix the issue. There should not be a fee assessed at an ATM location that is surcharge-free for members using their SAC card.

Privacy Concerns - We know that privacy in our branches can be challenging especially at the locations inside a retail environment, such as a grocery store. Since members may not be aware they can request to sit in an office for added privacy, we're installing small signs at all of our branch counters to serve as a reminder that they can request that option. We want our members to feel safe and secure when conducting their banking business.

Again, thank you for your commitment in helping us make your banking better at SAC Federal Credit Union!