Text Banking

The following text commands are available for text banking:

Text Command Action Example*
BAL or BAL <account nickname> Receive account balance BAL Savi
HIST <account nickname> Receive account history HIST Chec
XFER <from account nickname> <to account nickname> <amount> Transfer funds between accounts XFER Savi Chec 200
HELP Sends the phone number for our Member Service Call Center and a link to view text commands online HELP
STOP Stop all text messages to the mobile device, for text banking and SMS alerts/notifications STOP

*For these examples, the member has a savings account with account display name "Savi" and a checking account with account display name "Chec" (all account nicknames have a 4-character limit).

Text banking messages should be sent to and will come from 226563 (BANKME).

To enroll in text banking:

  • Log into CU@Home
  • Click Preferences, then select Mobile
  • Click the Text Banking tab
  • Select Enable and enter your SMS Text Number (phone number, with area code, for a text message-enabled phone)
  • Click to Agree to the terms
  • Click Continue
  • Click OK
  • Click checkboxes to Enable accounts you wish to access with text banking. Create 4-character display names for each account enabled
  • Click Continue and OK
  • You will receive a text message confirming your enrollment.