Baby Bundle Savings Plan

Congratulations! Parenthood is an amazing time, watching your little one grow and change before your very eyes. From cooing to crawling to graduating college, you want your baby to achieve greatness every step of the way. At SAC FCU, we want to help by matching up to $25 for a one-year Baby Bundle Savings Certificate and up to $50 for a two-year Certificate when you sign up!*

How to Start:

Visit any one of the SAC FCU branches, and open a Baby Bundle Savings Plan in your child's name with a $30 minimum contribution.

You'll receive a Baby Bundle Welcome Package, complete with a pacifier, onesie, piggy bank and account cards.

Give Baby Bundle account cards to your family and friends, making it easy for them to contribute to your baby's future. Download and print Baby Bundle account cards here!


  • If you live or work in any of the 8 SAC counties and have a child under 12 months of age, you are eligible for the Baby Bundle Savings plan: a Savings Certificate and share savings account.
  • There is no limit to how often you can contribute to the Savings Certificate.
  • Your family and friends can also contribute, even if they are not members of SAC FCU.
  • The Baby Bundle Savings Certificate automatically renews at the current rate for a 12- or 24-month fixed-rate certificate -- until you choose to cash it in, yielding a higher dividend rate than a typical savings account.
  • The longer you keep it, the more dividends it accrues, and the more money you have for your child's future.
* To be disclosed on a 1099 INT.
* Click for current rates and account disclosures.