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5 headlines worth reading from June’s top financial news

We’ve sorted through this month’s top financial news and found articles that explore the common ground between baby boomers and the millennial generation, examine the job market, and explain an innovative new program in the coffee business. And what would a June news post be without some wedding talk? You’ll find two of our favorite marriage-and-finance headlines below.

Millennials Are Leading Boomers to a Smarter Retirement:
Plenty has been said about the differences between boomers and millennials, but they might be more alike than you’d think when it comes to things like work/life balance. Here’s a look at some interesting similarities.

Why’s the Job Market Still Weak? Look At These 3 Charts: After the housing bubble burst in spectacular fashion, it’s not surprising that construction jobs have yet to rebound. This article sheds light on the construction industry’s effect on the economy with some interesting charts.

Marrying Money: Big Day, Big Hit to Your Retirement: It’s not exactly romantic, but the financial implications of a wedding can’t be ignored, and while we’re not about to tell you to forgo the celebration, this article does offer an interesting perspective. What if instead of spending money on a big bash, you invested it? The math on this is pretty interesting.

8 Money Blunders Just-Married Couples Often Make: Of course, the money talk doesn’t stop after the big day. Handling finances is an important part of married life. This is a nice outline of some big mistakes a lot of newlyweds make – plus how to avoid them. (For more tips, see “Money and marriage: A couple’s guide to finances.”)

Starbucks to Provide Free College Education to Thousands of Workers: We’ll end with some positive news. Coffee giant Starbucks recently announced that it would offer its employees a free online college education. Degrees must be completed through Arizona State University’s online program, and employees aren’t required to keep working at Starbucks after getting their degrees. Starbucks says the new program is an effort to address concerns about growing inequality.

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