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Boost your goals with this simple question: Do I need a financial advisor?

Most people are accustomed to hiring specialists when it comes to specific services. From personal trainers to auto mechanics, it just makes sense to turn to a specialist when dealing with something in which you don’t have a specialization. So why should financial matters be any different?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Do I need a financial advisor?” there is a good chance that learning more about what these professionals do can be a boon for your goal setting and planning.

Beverly Hobbs, AAMS®, an LPL Financial Advisor with SAC FCU Wealth Management answers some questions about why you should consider putting a financial advisor into your mix of trusted specialist especially for retirement and investment planning.


Help for all income levels


Should you seek out the help of a financial advisor even if you don’t necessarily have substantial assets? “Absolutely – you need to start somewhere,” assures Hobbs. “Not everyone starts wealthy. It is a matter of getting started on a path to saving and making a habit of paying yourself first. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of being educated on what is available and starting out small and building your wealth.”

Hobbs adds that how people define wealthy may differ from person to person. “It’s a matter of having the funds one needs to maintain their standard of living when they retire.”

Achieving financial goals


Hobbs says that it’s important to have a comprehensive plan in order to successfully pursue your financial goals. She suggests:

  • A realistic investment strategy that seeks to achieve your desired level of return without taking on more risk than you can tolerate
  • A retirement plan that will help you work towards saving the amount of money you need to generate the retirement  income you need for as long as you live

Goals should be specific, clear, and reasonable. Instead of stating, “I want to retire at age 60,” think along the lines of, “I want to retire at age 60 with $500,000 in my IRA,” or, “I want to retire at age 60 and have an income stream of $3,500 per month.”

Keep calm and invest

People who have never invested before may be nervous to begin, but Hobbs says that SAC FCU Wealth Management services can help. “By educating credit union members about the different types of investments available, we’re able to assist them in pursuing their goals.”

Advisors spend time helping members pinpoint their needs and goals. “An advisor will have a discussion with the prospective client to uncover not only what they want to do when they retire, but what they will need when they retire.”

Free Retirement Plan ConsultationThe roadmap to retirement


“One should sit down with an advisor at least every year or every other year to review an account and discuss any life changes,” advises Hobbs. “This way, you can make the necessary changes to your plan if need be.”

Hobbs adds that any life-changing events merit a visit to a financial advisor. What qualifies as a life-changing event? “Marriage, divorce, death, children, college, retirement, or job change, just to name a few,” says Hobbs.

Solid finances

A solid financial plan is a good idea for everyone. The answer to the question, “Do I need a financial advisor?” is an emphatic, “Yes!” Since there are so many paths investors can take in order to achieve their goals, a knowledgeable advisor can help members pinpoint goals and create the roadmap toward a successful and prosperous retirement.

What is the best financial advice you ever received? Share your tips in the comments.


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Help from SAC FCU Wealth Management’s services

SAC FCU Wealth Management services provide customized help in a variety of ways, including:

  • Investments
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  • Estate planning
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