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From graduation to retirement: top financial news articles for everyone

In this month’s roundup of top financial news headlines, we’ve got a little something for everybody. Whether you’ve just graduated from college or are a little closer to retirement, we have information that will boost your financial know-how. So read on and brush up!


The financial news that affects you.What College Didn’t Teach You: 5 Money Lessons for 2014 Graduates: If you’ve just graduated from college, congratulations! Take a minute to pat yourself on the back. And then, gear up for the next stage of your life. From your first salary to student loans, this article has some good financial advice for recent grads.

Playing Catch-Up While Retirement Remains Far Off: Most of us know the importance of saving for retirement, but sometimes people have trouble making that commitment. This article takes a look at how earners in the middle of their careers can and should start playing catch-up with their retirement contributions.

Americans’ ratings of their personal finances inch up: In some good news, a survey from Gallup shows that American’s are feeling more positive about their financial situations. Though the percentage of people who rate their finances as “excellent” or “good” hasn’t reached pre-recession levels, the numbers are inching in the right direction.

More women than men earn the federal minimum wage: A recent analysis by the Pew Research Center shows that women are much more likely to earn minimum wage or less. The gap is the widest among young earners and narrows as workers get older.

Ditch your car, save a fortune: This last one is a savings tip that might not work for everyone. Many people live in cities where driving a car is a necessity, but we like to see people looking at new and innovative ways to save. The author of this article saved $3,000 in a year by ditching her car.

Have you read about a great savings idea or come across an article geared toward your life stage? Share it in the comments below!

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