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A national retailer recently experienced a security breach of their credit card data. If your SAC FCU MasterCard was identified as exposed to potential compromise, SAC FCU will attempt to contact you via phone or email.

Please contact the Credit Union or stop by a branch by January 3, 2014 in order to avoid interruption of card usage. Please continue to monitor your accounts for fraudulent activity during this time period. If you do not contact SAC FCU by January 3, 2014, your card will be reissued and mailed to you.

Your data at SAC is safe: we have fraud-protection measures in place to keep your information safe and secure.

SAC uses real-time fraud monitoring systems to protect your accounts from fraudulent activity. If a transaction is suspected to be fraud, the account is flagged and our fraud protection team contacts the account owner to verify the transaction. Once the transaction is verified, the account flag is removed and activity may resume. If the transactions are fraudulent, the card is cancelled, a new one is issued, and disputes are filed.

Protect your card in the future by enrolling in the free MasterCard Secure Code program. This program adds a personal password to your debit card so only you can use the card for online purchases. It’s easy and safe.

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