Top 10 posts: money tips, credit repair, and more

Looking to boost your credit score before you put money down on the fixer-upper you’ve been eyeing? Or maybe you’re ready to ramp up retirement savings and start the year off right. No matter where you are on your financial journey, we have some money tips to help. Take the first step toward meeting your goals by taking a look at our ten most popular posts.

1. A low credit rating can make it difficult to get a loan, and it could even interfere with your job hunt. Take a look at “Credit repair tips: 3 ways to get you moving toward credit recovery” to learn three ways to help your score grow.

2. Beyond your credit score, there are other factors that lenders consider, too. Read  “Mythbuster: Is my credit score the only thing lenders look at?” for insights into what else could come into play.

3. Ready to dig deeper in to the world of credit? Download “The Building Blocks of Credit” for a comprehensive look at credit essentials.

4. The rise in technology has made banking, paying bills, and managing your money easier and more convenient, but it also means there are a variety of new avenues for fraud. See “Combating ID Theft: Advanced tips and tools for protecting your identity” for important information about guarding your personal data.

5. Sometimes, even if you take precautions, your personal information ends up in the wrong hands. If it happens to you, there are important steps you need to take. “The road to recovery: What to do when your identity is stolen” outlines the tasks you’ll need to complete.

6. Ready to ramp up savings or eliminate debt? Whatever your financial tasks, it helps to arm yourself with the right tools. You’ll find plenty at Tools roundup: Online financial tools you should use to your advantage.”

7. Whether you’re 20 or 55, retirement savings should be on your financial radar. Read Time is on your side: Build retirement savings, no matter your age” for tips on starting from wherever you are.

8. Credit unions and banks differ in several important ways. Find out how in, “What is a credit union?”

9. If it’s time to transition away from the armed forces, there are some important steps to take. “Transitioning to civilian life: A quick-start guide to organizing your finances” outlines those steps and offers up a number of helpful resources.

10.  Finally, let’s take it back to the basics. Set yourself up for financial success by starting out on firm footing. Download Essential E-book: Financial Basics Made Easy for a road map of how to get started.

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