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Updates on the housing market and bitcoin: The latest financial news from July

The latest financial news headlines from this month run the gamut. Keeping your checking account balance in your favor, as well as determining where to stash your retirement funds, made the news. Bitcoin also makes an appearance, as does news about a boost to the fragile U.S. housing market.

The financial news that affects you.14 Things You Should Stop Paying for Now: Everyone likes to protect their bottom line, and these tips go beyond the usual skip-the-coffee-shop tactics. A penny saved is a penny earned, after all. Read on for some spending-cut tips.

U.S. Kids Lagging In Understanding Money Management And Finance: American fifteen-year-olds ranked eighth among students in eighteen countries in a recent financial literacy exam. Financial know-how is highly correlated with math and reading skills, and the U.S. students’ performance was in line with their math and reading performance. Chinese, Estonian, and Belgian students came out on top.

Is This Retirement Move Right for You?Taking care of a retirement fund from a job you’re no longer at is important. Savers often move these funds into IRAs, but that’s not always the best-case scenario. This article walks you through the process of deciding what’s right for your nest egg.

More Vets Buying Homes Buoys Housing Market: The reduction of troops in Afghanistan means that more military personnel are stateside and looking for homes in which to put down roots. VA mortgages are at a 20-year high, and in the first quarter of this year, they accounted for 8.1% of all loans (which translates to $19.5 billion). Many of these veterans are first-time homebuyers, a demographic that’s key to theFree Retirement Plan Consultation recovery of the housing market.

Bitcoin’s Biggest Hurdles Outlined: Bitcoin has a lot of promise, but it still has a long row to hoe before garnering widespread acceptance. There are two main reasons at play: One, it’s still mostly speculative, and two, it has real security issues. So don’t fret if you still don’t have bitcoin all figured out. There are two good reasons why others haven’t gotten on board either.

What’s piqued your interest on the financial pages of late?

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