Whether you're paying for school, buying a home, or purchasing a vehicle, some of your biggest financial decisions will involve loans. Our low interest financing can help you make those decisions with confidence. SAC FCU offers flexible terms and great rates on a variety of loans, and we can help find the one that's right for you.

Here are just a few of our personal financing options:

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SAC FCU's Mortgage Loan Originators have been registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry. Our employees, and their NMLS IDs, are listed below.

Julie Strohfus Vice President, Consumer Lending 797149
Deb (Deborah) Nichols Consumer Loan Manager 797148
Sue Mohr Vice President, Real Estate Lending 1668177
Cody Levinson Director of Mortgage Business Sales 13837
Michele Lindschmidt Senior Commercial Lender 408519
Surie (Suresha) Legge Mortgage Loan Officer 545289
Rachel Moeller Mortgage Loan Officer 1079441
John Saum Mortgage Loan Officer 1326840
Maribel Garcia Mortgage Loan Officer 1560070
DJ Rorebeck Mortgage Loan Officer 457139
Wendy Walker Mortgage Loan Officer 1569933
Tricia Worley Mortgage Loan Officer 939051
Zachary Zach Mortgage Loan Officer 398969
Lori Smejkal Mortgage Loan Officer 543735
Samuel Parnell Loan Underwriter 1700507
Cathy (Catherine) Withers Loan Underwriter 799996
Kristina Harmon Loan Underwriter 858139
Jasmine Michelle Peterson Loan Underwriter 959875
Brittany Thurman Director of Mortgage Systems and Compliance 545291